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9 Secrets to Effortless Italian Style

OK, so we’ve all wondered what it takes to be that cool, confident, polished woman spotted in a crowd, who catches everyones eye as she passes by, right?

As Oscar De La Renta once said: "Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is more about being yourself".

Simply put, fashion is what is currently in fashion right now, that is, what is being featured in magazines, on TV and on the fashion runways. Style, on the other hand, is unique to everyone. It reflects a person’s own opinion, their own choice in clothes and accessories. Style is something that is customised by an individual to suit his/her own personality, skin tone and figure.

Now, it all sounds very cool and simple on paper, but how does one translate this when styling one's own wardrobe? Here are my 9 secrets to everyday, effortless style.


Dress for you

Stay true to yourself and buy what you like. Don’t wear something just because it's popular or in season. Experiment with trends only after you’ve invested in what suits you.


Less is more

I'm not talking about showing skin. Rather, keeping your outfits from becoming over-complicated. I know you’re excited to wear your new gold arm cuff, 4 piece midi ring set, marble pendant necklace and show off your crystal ear cuff. But trust me, as much as you may want to pile everything on, don’t. Your look will appear very “busy”, which isn't a good thing. Coco Chanel was a genius, advising to always take off one item before you leave the house. Would you want to disappoint Coco? I didn’t think so!



Fit is key

Know what looks good for your shape. I’m all for people wearing what they love. But make sure you are aware of what looks flattering on your figure. The cutest dress might look beautiful off but if the fit doesn’t flatter your body, that once cute dress will look like a train wreck.


Always dress for the weather and occasion

Dressing for the occasion is not only simple but crucial. Would you wear jeans to a cocktail party or shorts to a wedding? I would hope not. Be mindful of keeping your outfits appropriate for what the day ahead will bring. Dressing for the weather not only keeps you comfortable in whatever season you’re in, but it allows you to keep your wardrobe updated on the essential trends for that season as well.


Embrace colour

Even if you’re not a fan of wearing an array of bright colours, including a hint of colour into your outfit can definitely bring your whole look together, turning a simply “cute” outfit into something eye-grabbing and covet-worthy.

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The three colour rule

This well kept wardrobe secret should be a staple in the creation of your ensembles. The premise of this rule is that you only wear three colours, or two colours and one print at a time. This method helps one to quickly assemble a chic outfit without spending hours to do so. Since black and white are considered shades, you can be more flexible with them. Of course you don’t have to dress like this all the time but it’s a smart method to use when you’re having a hard time piecing together an outfit.


Establish a signature style

A true style maven never buys clothes at random and tosses them into her wardrobe. She carefully crafts her closet based on her personal style. Trends are great to experiment with but it is imperative to develop your signature style based on what you know to be your true individual and aesthetic identity.


Layer, layer, layer

For a style expert, a button-down can be made insanely cooler by adding a crop top over it or even transforming a LBD into a day dress by wearing a collared shirt underneath. There’s an endless amount of chicness you can discover when you enter into the world of layering.


Show your stripes

It's a simple known fact that a striped shirt or a striped dress pairs well with just about everything. Stripes are chic and also very easy to style. I know what you’re thinking, stripes = the ‘mariner’ look - navy and white stripes, a boat captain’s hat and an anchor... But if you opt for a multicoloured stripe like this one here instead, you’ve elevated your look to urban chic and can now wear it year round.