Which handbag is right for you?
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You're a Satchel! The Individualist

We all know looks can be deceiving. And no one understands this better than you. On the outside you appear confident and extravagant, but deep down you're a sensitive, withdrawn type.
Creativity and flair are your way of expressing your many talents and emotions. You're expressive and dramatic which is why you're passionate about art and self-expression. Fashion is one of your favourite ways to express your flamboyant nature and eclectic taste.
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You're a Tote! The Type A

You’re a goal-setter with a strong sense of initiative. You have a lot to juggle in your life and a beautiful tote fits just about everything you need to help you accomplish your goals.
You're a planner and an organizer who isn't afraid to take a stand for your strong beliefs and just go for it!
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You're a Bucket Bag! The Helper

You love to be useful and life without a sense of purpose isn't a happy life. You're caring and generous and want a bag that will make you feel confident and ready for anything.
That's why you always carry a treat like a piece of candy in your bag in case someone along your path needs a pick-me-up. You're more interested in function than style and your bucket bag serves a strictly functional purpose. It's your go-to option when you need an easy, no-fuss bag, after all who needs compartments, or fussy openings anyway?
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You’re a Backpack! The Adventure Seeker

You’re someone who is always on the move and dreams of traveling the world with nothing but the essentials.
Comfort and style is your mantra. You want a hands-free lifestyle, but without having to compromise on your personal style. You're a true believer in healthy living and just like your mind, your backpack is clutter-free. You value reliability and a sense of belonging, and your backpack is your trusted companion on your adventure-filled life.
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You're a Clutch! The Lady

Like all ladies you can't be seen to have your hands full. You're busy fluttering from one social event to another and wouldn't be caught dead with a large bag over your shoulder.
You’re a real people person and exude elegance and class - and you don’t need much to look fashionable and poised. With a life full of social engagements, you love to laugh, socialize and have fun!
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You're a Crossbody! The Minimalist

To you, a bag should only carry the bare necessities. Your phone, wallet, keys, and very little else when you head out the door, which is why a small crossbody is your ideal solution.
In your mind, less is more ‘fun’-ctional and you hate to have your hands full. With a stylish crossbody you'll turn heads and make an impression, without feeling weighed down.
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