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Behind the Scenes: Our Spring '17 Photoshoot

Turning the Spring 2017 mood board into a fashion campaign.

In my last post I shared the inspiration behind my Spring collection mood board, this week I'm going to share how that vision was translated into our Spring campaign.

As with every season, one of my main sources of inspiration is my hometown and one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Rome. After all, Rome is an open air museum, everywhere you go, you are surrounded by beauty, history and culture. There are so many breathtaking locations to choose from.

One of my favourite buildings in the Eternal City is The Palace of Fine Arts which hosts the National Gallery of Modern Art, along with the Caffe' delle Belle Arti, which is just on the left side of the National Gallery. It has a beautiful terrace where I like to go for lunch on a sunny day and where the Romans go to socialise and people-watch. 

"Rome is an open air museum, everywhere you go, you are surrounded by beauty, history and culture."

I chose The Palace of Fine Arts as the backdrop for my collection because I think it really captures the essence of my brand. It is minimal in design, yet so effortlessly stylish thanks to the colonnade at the top of the entrance to the gallery, the wide steps that lead up to it and the friezes on its facade make it feel elegant and timeless. 

We shot most of the collection on the main steps of the National Gallery and the colonnade entrance, amid curious Roman schoolchildren who were visiting the museum. In the afternoon we moved over to the adjacent British Academy and used the main steps and again beneath the colonnade because I fell in love with the clean lines of the four sets of columns, the wide entrance and the cream coloured marble. The colour of the marble is warm and I love the texture.

We played with the textures and clean lines of the location and the juxtaposition of the smooth leather of the bags and pastel coloured clothes worn by the model, made the smooth texture of the leather really pop next to the scattered veining patterns, ranging from subtle and delicate to bold and dramatic, in the marble.

This contrast is particularly evident with the Amalfi Midi Tote. It's soft curves appear softer and more feminine next to the straight lines of this majestic building.


Special thanks go to Nicole Libassi (photographer), Carolina Levorin (model) and Martina (hair & make-up), for being such superstars on a very long, and hot day!

Ciao for now,

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