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8 Ways To Wear Pink in a Grown-Up Way

Blush pink, also called Millenial pink or Scandi pink, is the new neutral you can wear with absolutely everything.

In the fashion world, wearing pink can be a bit of a challenge. While the colour has cropped up everywhere from designer collections, to the wardrobes of savvy celebrities and street style stars, it can so easily veer into Barbie territory if worn the wrong way (Paris Hilton, I’m looking at you). Bearing this in mind, I pulled together a set of guidelines for wearing pink in a decidedly cultured and grown-up way. Fashion isn’t as much fun without breaking a few rules, so forget everything you know about the colour and meet the new, grown-up incarnation of pink. Who knows? It may actually become the new black.


Wear a pink coat to brighten up your outfit

There’s something so Rear Window about a pale, pink coat. Pair it with a neutral layer, like a white paneled skirt, and you’ll be on your way to creating a modern, Grace Kelly-inspired ensemble. The lovely Joanna Stubbs wears a classic blush pink MaxMara coat and our urban taupe & hot pink Bellagio backpack.


Mix volumes, shapes and prints of pink

If you’re looking to get the most out of your revived love for pink, we suggest an outfit à la Olivia Palermo reminiscing the 1930’s Hollywood movie stars. Her single-breasted tweed blazer with pink accent looks bold next to her feminine blouse and 1930’s turban.



You can’t go wrong with a simple, pink sweater

Grown-up cotton candy: too good to be true? Never! Tuck this go-to piece into your trousers or toss it over your favourite white shirt — the options are limitless.


Mix pink with menswear

Even the most frilly of ensembles becomes edgier with the addition of a few well-placed menswear accents. A fitted blazer, modern vest, or tailored trousers do wonders for an otherwise girly ensemble by toning down a pink palette. If you want to go the extra mile with your ensemble, try following Olivia Palermo’s lead and wearing a masculine double-breasted suit in a shade of pink.


Add a leather accent

Despite its prevalence on the runway over the past year in delicate, hand-cut forms, leather is still an edgier choice than your average silk or cotton. Throwing on a leather biker jacket over a pink jumper and jeans suddenly makes your look infinitely cooler. For extra style points, try a leather skirt in a muted rose. However, don't try leather in a blinding shade of pink unless you want to look like an '80s throwback.



Combine pink with black, navy or grey

It may seem obvious, but toning down a pink piece with black, navy, or grey gives an ensemble an extra professional tone. If your office dress code is on the stricter side, combine our blush pink Loren Tote with a grey Joseph sweater and a navy pair of Modern Rarity chic trousers, and you’re well within the limits of respectable, formal dress.


Throw in a bold pattern

A graphic, silk-screened pattern lends interest and polish to any ensemble, so it’s only logical that adding a patterned skirt to a pink top would serve the same purpose. However, stereotypically whimsical prints aren’t the best choice when it comes to pink pieces. Pink paired with polka dots can read a bit childish if you’re not careful, and a rosy skirt with a floral top might be a bit too saccharine for the office if both are rendered in a bright palette. But this ensemble by stylist Giovanna Battaglia, is the right mix of pinks, a bold pattern and some kick-ass attitude!


Use pink as an accent colour with your accessories

Instead of thinking of pink as the main event in your ensemble, try using it as a subtle accent to complement other shades. When shopping for a pastel bag, keep in mind that structure is key. Because the tones are so sweet, you want to find a sturdy, streamlined style to balance it out. If you're wearing your favourite boyfriend jeans and a blazer, add on a pair of blush pumps or our blush pink Mini Backpack. Running out the door to the office on a chillier day? Throw on a pink scarf. A thin pink belt is a great accent for a neutral dress too.