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Colour Trend: The Power of Red

As you may already know, my favourite colour is pink. Most women I know either sit in the red camp or the pink camp, but rarely in both.

Up to recently I thought I was never going to switch camps, and I'm not saying I have, but I must admit the colour red has been calling my name of late.

Perhaps it's because I've been working on breaking through my shyness, or perhaps it's because I'm trying to think positive and take chances with my business this year. But something has definitely changed and the colour red seems to be giving me that inner strength I'd been missing.

The mood board I created for my Autumn / Winter collection illustrates the feelings I tapped into for this collection which are confidence, precision, femininity and effortless style. The new collection launches on the site this week. So, stay tuned and let me know what you think!

When I started designing my latest collection, I really felt the need to try and express the inner confidence and power we have as women. Society expects us to be so many things these days: strong but also vulnerable, confident but not too competitive, feminine but not too fragile, that sometimes I think we forget who we really are and the strength we hold within.

So for this collection I was inspired by today's multi-faceted, multi-tasking woman. She is strong when she needs to be, sweet and nurturing when she feels like it, and fun and fearless when it pleases her. And what better colour to represent this but fiery red? 


Red isn't a colour you wear when you're feeling shy, but worn as an accessory, it can really add that confidence your outfit and spirit were perhaps missing. Try it out and let me know how you feel!

Ciao for now,

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